The Bolero School DVD

Marina Grut has made a DVD of the highly endangered Bolero School (Escuela Bolera) classical Spanish dances and exercises. It was made mainly for purposes of teaching and culture preservation. The dances and exercises demonstrated in it are described in great detail in her book The Bolero School (Dance Books Ltd, London, 2002, ISBN 1 85273 081 1), which was endorsed by Eloy Pericet in whose family the Bolero School has been preserved, and by the Ministry of Culture in Madrid. The DVD also contains an illustrated historical background, information on the possible origin of the dances and on links with ballet in general and with the Cecchetti school in particular, and more. Past performers can be seen in the costumes of the period. Some dances other than Bolero School have been added to show early regional and flamenco connections, and influence in Hispanic America.

Specifically, this 100-minute DVD includes: 57 Bolero School exercises; 11 dances; 20 Cecchetti/Bolero-related exercises; and 20 minutes of illustrated history. It is available in PAL (European) and NTSC (North American) formats at a price of US$ 68, which in November 2006 was equal to about £36 or EUR53, payable by credit card, from the Californian distributor CustomFlix at the following web addresses or telephone numbers:


To order PAL format (e.g. for Europe):
To order NTSC format (e.g. for N.America):


International number: +1306-337-1496
From North America: 1-800-853-6077

If ordering by telephone, ask for "The Bolero School DVD”, and make sure that you specify PAL (for Europe and elsewhere) or NTSC (for North America and elsewhere) format.

Sales revenues go to the copyright-holder, the Spanish Dance Society (, UK registered "Charity" (not-for-profit organisation) No. 327049.